Compulsory Health Service Scheme

This program intends to inculcate the value of sound mental health and importance of physical fitness among the students who enter the premises of college education. According to directives of Students Health Service Scheme University of Pune, medical check up is compulsory for the first year students of all University courses and students living at college hostels. A senior college teacher is appointed as guardian to look after the proceedings of this scheme. A committee of teachers is organized to assist him in the sound implementation of this scheme.

Two medical officers are nominated by college for medical check up of boys and girls students. Medical examination of all the first year students of under- graduate and Post-graduate levels is completed before 31st October every year. Final report is submitted to University office by 15 December. This scheme can extend financial help to those students, who are found seriously ill during the medical check up by the medical officer.

This college has organized a committee of 10 teacher members to implement the scheme Dr. B. B. Pote and Dr. Mrs. Anjali Athare have been nominated as medical officers. The information regarding students undergone the compulsory medical check up during lst four years is as below