Alumni Association

New Arts, Commerce and Science College, Ahmednagar was established in 1970 with merely 160 students.  Presently more than 8000 students are taking  education in this college under seventy one academic programmes. In last  47 years  more than one lakh  students have developed lifelong connection with the college as an alumni. Former graduates, postgraduates and research scholars of various departments are connected with college through departmental associations . Alumni meetings are periodically organised by the departments. Each department tries to strengthen the interaction and communication between faculty and alumni of the concerned subject. Prominent activities and contributions of alumni -

1) Department of Mathematics conducts District Level Bhaskaracharya Proficiency Test in Mathematics for secondary school students.

2) Development of Departmental Libraries through donated books and contributions of alumni- More than 4000 books worth Rs. 8 lakh have been donated by alumni.

3) Campus placements, summer training programmes, student-teacher-industry interaction, community development activities are some of the platforms where alumni are making valuable  contribution.