Guidance and Counseling Unit

Guidance and Counseling Centre

Goals and Objectives of Center:

Guidance and counseling centre were establish in 1990 and has been running successfully since its inception. Centre is rendering the services to students as well as outreached people who have psychological problems. During the last two decades the centre was autonomous but since 2008 the centre is affiliated to Human Education Society, (HES) Pune. The goal of HES to run short counseling courses as well as organize counseling camps for the clients. This centre is also organizes the counseling camps for community with collaboration of HES.

            Centre having good infrastructure for counseling. 5 cubicles are available to maintain the privacy of client. The professional ethics of counseling also incorporated in the centre. All information, result of the client keeps confidential.

Major Activities Conducted by the Center.

From Academic year 2011-2012 center has conducted following activities regarding guidance and counselling under the guidance of Human Education Society, Pune as well as an Independently by the center. Counselled clients reports has been preserved in the center.

  1. Personal Counseling:

Near about 150 clients including students and outsiders are communicate the counseling centre for the counseling of their psychological problems. There were various types of psychological problems of these clients.

  • Some clients have personal problems like mild anxiety, depression, inferiority complex, low motivation, low assertiveness, fear for speech or interaction with others etc.
  • Some clients having interpersonal problems, marital problems, family problems, parent-child relationship problems etc.
  • Students are mostly reported the problems of lack of concentration, study skills, fear of examination, difficulty level of curriculum etc.
  1. Personal Counseling with Psychological Testing:

Some clients requires to administered psychological tests to understand the exact nature and the severity of their psychological problems. For proper and realistic assessment of the psychological problem the test score is very useful. The use of psychological test also facilitate to counselor for applying proper psychotherapy. The tests like E.Q., SPM, Personality Tests, Anxiety Tests, Stress Measures, Adjustment tests etc. are mostly used in counseling.    

  1. Many students from professional courses have been counseled regarding to their academic and study habit problems.
  • Some students were suffered from the problems of fear of theory examination. They are doing better in online examination but they are anxious about the performance regarding theory examination.
  • They also difficulty in comprehension about some courses like Physics, Basics of Computers, Math etc. 
  • Some students show low motivation regarding the course which they joining. They are very pessimistic about future.

The centre successfully handles the above problems of these clients. Now they changed their attitude towards the problems and they are become able to deal with these types of problems.

  1. Counseling Camp: With collaboration of HES, Pune the centre has been organized the counseling camp for the community on 13th & 14th October 2012.
  • 5 counselors from the centre and 7 counselors form HES were participated in the camp.
  • Near about 55 clients were register for the counseling.
  • Various types of clients were reported in the camp. The problems reported by the client were like low confidence, maladjustment, adolescence problems, interpersonal problems, family and marital problems, old age problems, women’s problems etc.
  • The centre has always trying to deliver better services to students and community.


Dr. Vasant Desle


   Guidance & Counseling Centre